SAPT Elite Athlete Remote Training Program

Strength & Performance Training, Inc. (SAPT) provides a comprehensive human performance management system with technology and services that enable and support athletes and organizations in player development for remote athlete care. We utilize proven methods, advanced technologies, and sports performance experts with experience in developing elite athletes to thrive in their careers.

We offer evaluation, program design, and consulting services to boost player performance, recovery, and career longevity. In addition, we offer support to organizations’ management, coaches, and staff to efficiently manage and understand a player’s physiological status.

Developed to support the needs of elite athletes and sports organizations, SAPT’s remote coaching solution protects the team’s biggest investment: the performance of the human body.

With SAPT, you can expect the following:


  • Understanding, from our staff, that the athlete’s income depends upon the body’s recovery, readiness, and performance
  • Customized and targeted plans that maximize the athlete’s ROI in both time and money
  • Careful management of player workload
  • Efficient program design geared to get maximum training effects via the “minimum effective dose” of physical training required to meet goals
  • Monitoring of readiness and recovery remotely
  • Quick access to player program from any mobile device or computer
  • Access to our massive video database of exercises
  • Beautiful, intuitive, easy to use athlete interface


  • Risk Management: Decrease the time lost to injury and expedite return-to-play
  • Detailed analytic reporting
  • Ability to “check-in” on player from organizational dashboard
  • Easily customizable platform to support needs of organization (training facilities, player organization, administrative/staff accessibility)


  • Enhanced and efficient continuum of care; multiple users from varying disciplines can access organization or player dashboard for collaboration
  • Actionable analytics to fine-tune programatic changes and progressions
  • Organizational administration portal
  • Remote digital assessments for movement, performance, and recovery
  • Exceptionally fast, fully custom and progressive training plans available for quick access on any device
  • World’s largest exercise database
  • Thousands of instructional videos
  • Mobile device ready


  • Detailed assessment of needs (player history: injury, performance, etc.)
  • Custom performance evaluation with video analysis
  • Work directly and closely with players and/or management/coaches to clearly define goals and program objectives
  • Develop strategy and actionable plan to systematically achieve and exceed objectives
  • Work with key management/coaches/staff to assist with execution of plan and refine athlete care strategies and performance improvements
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